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Generous Support Drives This Successful Ministry

Over the course of its five year existence, GHH has been graciously blessed with two distinctly different, yet equally vital, means of support: Volunteerism and Financial Donations. And for this, we are especially thankful.

Typically, we experience times during the year when the cost of pending projects begins to outstrip our financial resources. The steering committee has faithfully faced this situation with a confidence that “God will provide”.  And once again, He has. Recently we received two unanticipated donations totaling just over $14,000 which will carry us through the next two work events. We are so grateful that God touched these donors’ hearts in this most significant way. This especially generous assistance will permit GHH to do even more to improve life for our neighbors living in unsafe housing and for homeowners with physical challenges who need repairs or improvements to make their houses more accessible.  We will be in the position to take on larger, more complex jobs which will also serve to give our volunteers an opportunity to exercise some new or to-date unused skills.

We would be remiss if we shared this story of good fortune without also emphasizing that all gifts make a difference and impact the success of this ministry. This year alone, we anticipate that our home repair project costs will exceed $20,000. And, as we project an even larger budget in 2017, we will continue to rely on and be grateful for all of the donations we receive from church mission committees, grantors, small groups, individual donors and our enthusiastic lunch-makers. And lest we overlook the human half of the GHH equation – our awesome volunteers who actually get the work done!

Thank you, All!!!!